WB4S Red Carpet Coverage: 2012 Grammy Awards

Music’s biggest night, the 54th annual Grammy Awards, occurred just last night, February 12, 2012. The stars came out to play yet again! Which means- I’m here to give you coverage on the red carpet. Here are my favorites–


Katy Perry looked amaze-balls! Even though she was not in her usual costume-like get up, this look fits her so well. I love this Elie Saab blue gown. The designer and the singer work wonders together.

Though she said that she felt like a human disco ball, I think she was one stunning disco ball. I’d have Jessie J hanging from my ceiling in that Julien MacDonald gown anyday! ANYDAY! GORGEOUS!

Kelly Rowland + big hair+ blush color + Alberta Ferretti= one heck of a jaw dropping and head turning moment for fashion lovers all over the world! You go girl!

The person that had everyone thinking about just changing the name of the awards show from Grammy’s, to “Adele’s bought back Old Hollywood Glamour”- Adele wore an Giorgio Armani gown and finished the look with a bold red lip. Foxy!

The best dressed of the night would have to be… Rihanna! She… killed… it!!! MURDERED! ARREST HER! Just kidding! But Rih-Rih helped design this Scarface inspired gown with Armani. She said she wanted something “Simple and sexy, but still a little gangster.” This would have been the cue for her to show off her Thug Life tat. She looked so sexy last night that she had Ryan Seacrest blurt out “Thank You”, when she walked up for an interview. How funny. But did anybody notice this “B**** Stole My Shoes” moment? I did! :)

Rihanna and Alicia Keys both wore the same Louboutins at the Grammy’s- Alicia was also very much on trend last night. Who do you think wore these pumps better?

Okay. So not all the fashion was great last night- There were two people specifically that really made me mad. Like really… I got mad! Lol


Oh Fergie! NOOOOOO! Why would you do this!???? We get you like to take risks and all. But, why on earth would you wear black granny panties and a bra under this!????… nude maybe… SOMETHING! ANYTHING ELSE!

…………. Is Nicki even Catholic? I would make further comments, but I plan to go to heaven after this life. And WHAT was that performance??

Photo credit: Necole Bitchie