My Favorites From The Oscars 2012

The award show season comes to an end with the Oscars finishing out the final stretch. But, who left a lasting impression? ¡Aquí son mis favoritas!

Even though Kristen Wiig didn’t rock this look out the park- I still love the fact that she put a modern touch to the carpet. The color is a great color that would look great on every shade of skin. From the bust to the waist, to the dramatic and romantic flare of the skirt is to die for. Love it.

I can honestly say I’ve only seen this dress once before, similar. Beyonce wore a similar dress but she couldn’t quite walk in it. Jessica Chastain’s dress is definitely walk able. Thumbs up in my book- I just wish she would have worn her hair in a bun and put on some fun earrings.

I thought I loved Rose Byrne in that jumpsuit from that other red carpet before! I love this black sequined dress so much I forgot Monique Lhuillier’s name for a bit! Rose does a great job of standing out from everyone else. This dress is so chic and her look is so chic. One of the best dressed there!

My best dressed would actually have to be…

The fashion police officer herself Giuliana Rancic. I LOVE THIS DRESS! ITS SO PERFECT FOR THE OSCARS! THE DRESS IS NOT BORING! ITS ACTUALLY QUITE FLAWLESS. On top of that, G’s make-up is fabulous and she is wearing her hair how I like it- BACK! Jews are too a minimum. I vote best dressed.

Who were your favorites?